Welcome to the documentation. If you need help with something feel free to join our support server and get help!

Note: c?definition and c?vote require you to vote after using the command 5 times. This vote is permanent. We do not require you to vote every 24 hours!


c?play – Plays a song from YouTube (keyword search supported) Aliases: c?p
c?skip – Skips the current song Aliases: c?s
c?stop – Stop music and leaves voice channel
c?volume – Sets the volume to a specific level (Only between 10 and 150) Aliases: c?v; c?v
c?queue – View all queued songs Aliases: c?q
c?nowplaying – Displays the current song Aliases: c?np; c?now; c?current
c?lyrics – Displays lyrics of a specific song

If you add a role called “DJ” to your server then all music commands will be limited to users with the role.



c?kick – Kicks a member from this server (If you don’t specify a reason > No problem!)

Example: c?kick @Lasse :troll:

c?ban – Bans a member from this server
c?purge – Deletes multiple messages at once (Discord has a restriction for bots. They cannot purge messages which are older than 14 days)

Set Up

c?set-welcome – Configures and enables welcome messages (Requires Manage Guild permission)

Example: c?set-welcome #general Hey %member%! How are you?

c?toggle-welcome – Disables/Enables welcome messages (again) (Requires Manage Guild permission)
c?toggle-invitefilter – Toggles a discord invite link filter for non-staff members (Requires Manage Guild permission)



c?definition – The “truth” about something // Urban Dictionary (Limited to NSFW channels)
c?meme – Sends you a random meme from r/memes
c?userinfo – Tells you information about a specific user (If you do not mention someone Cereal will send you your own information)
c?hentai – Sends hentai image/GIF (NSFW channels only)
c?neko – Sends random neko GIF (NSFW channels only)
c?boobs – Sends neko boobs (NSFW channels only)


c?help – Displays all available commands
c?callsupport – Lets a supporter join your server if you need help with me (Requires Manage Guild permission – You need to specify a reason)
c?botinfo – View information about me!
c?vote – Checks if you have voted -> More features!
c?invite – Sends you my invite link