Cereal Bot


Cereal is made for small communities. We want to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the spirit of Discord – The spirit of the community.

It is our goal to offer all users the best experience with Discord and Cereal.

The command documentation is available below. If you want to support the development of Cereal please vote on DBL (link below).


Cereal with chocolate tastes better right?
You will get a donator on the support discord and a donator badge in your c?userinfo.
Furthermore, you will be able to upgrade your or a friends server to a CEREAL NITRO server!
What does it mean?
All users on that server will be able to use c?definition unlimited times without voting. And everyone (with the DJ role, if enabled) will be able to use c?volume! More commands are coming soon.
Additionally, your server will receive a CEREAL NITRO badge in c?serverinfo.

Listen to your favorite music 24/7 on your Discord guild!


Cereal is 100% free. You can do everything without paying anything!


Cereal is made for small communities - You can adjust it!